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We applaud you for taking this important step in your education and career advancement.  To receive the BEST value for your money, we recommend taking advantage of the monthly Pro Members Only classes to start.  As Pro members, you have continuous access to the replays of these monthly sessions, but if you miss a session, or don’t listen to the replay in the same month, it’s easy to feel you are "getting behind" and not using BEN to your full advantage.

As a reminder, after you have been a member for four months, we’ll add the ability to download the mp3 audio recordings of these sessions to your membership benefits.  Until then, you can purchase the downloads if you wish for $4.95 each. You can listen to the streaming replays on your computer at any time.

Because there is soo much content in BEN, we recommend you take the Virtual Tour if you haven’t already, so you’ll more easily find what you need on the site.  Also be sure to take a look at the professionally designed Client Handouts we have for you.  You can add your own business contact infomation to these documents.  More are available – you’ll see them in the drop down menu under the Member Dashboard tab.  That’s the page you’ll be taken to automatically after you log in from now.

Ongoing education for dog trainers is no longer an option, but a requirement to stay current in your field, provide the best services possible to your customers, and implement the most effective and humane training and behavior modification techniques.  BEN creates opportunities for you to learn from the leaders in the field without leaving home. We hope you will take advantage of ALL the content and educational sessions BEN offers. 

Your Bonuses

Go to the download page by clicking below to find the collection of Dog Watch articles written by Dr. Suzanne Hetts AND the "But He Knows Better" excerpt written by Dr. Dan Estep that all new Pro members receive.

For joining BEN between June 29th 2010 and the end of the APDT conference, we promised you two extra bonuses.  These are two downloadable audio files – one is a Discussion of Canine Ethology, from our 5 week course "Shining the Light of Science on Canine Behavior", and the other is week one from Ms. Pia Silvani’s course "Unleashing Your Power as a Dog Training Instructor".  Don’t forget  – as a BEN member you now can take these courses ON DEMAND at a 20% discount, AND have unlimited access to them throughout your membership.


Just a reminder – if you cancel your BEN membership, you can’t re-subscribe for one year and you’ll pay a $40 re-subscription fee.  This is to prevent  the  repeat subscribe-unsubscribe cycle that cheats consistent BEN members, and us as well.  

Make sure you read our  Terms of Use and legal Disclaimer we are required to have. If you did you can skip the rest of this information.  If not, please read teh Terms of Use  document now to understand why this policy is necessary.  Also in the document is our policy about one-person per subscription.  Do NOT risk losing your membership by sharing your user name or password with ANYONE. 

We are so glad you are part of our BEN community and look forward to a having you in our courses and hearing you on BEN! You’ll be hearing from us on a regular basis, and we want to hear from you too.  Please feel free to send us your opinions, requests, kudos and constructive feedback any time to or call our office at 303-932-9095.

Welcome Aboard!
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Suzanne and Dan and Tracey

Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D., CAAB and Daniel Estep, Ph.D., CAAB

Tracey Metzler, CVT and Very Important Assistant