Being a member of Behavior Education Network is the best educational value you’ll find. Members have access to over a hundred webinars, not to mention “Biscuits” – article series every month with information you can use, and reviews of scientific articles you won’t find anywhere.  All for only $25/month (you can easily join HERE).

BUT – if you don’t need a large vault of information you can rely on 24/7, and just need a few CEUs from time to time  – we have options for you.  In addition to courses on PetProWebinars we are now making some of BEN’s webinars available to non-members in a series of modules.

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Behavior Development Module Courses Listed Below:  Click HERE for Full Description and to Enroll
  • The Science of Socialization vs The Stories You’ve Been Told
  • Is It All About the Genes?
  • What You Don’t Know About the Research of Scott and Fuller
  • PLUS a slew of supporting materials!

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