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All of us who work in the field of pet behavior and training are troubled by the enormous about of mis-information that is readily available to us – and our clients – about the “whys” of dog behavior.  Even as professionals, you may be confused at times about conflicting statements that claim to explain why dogs do what they do. 



Have you – or your clients – ever heard that: 

  • Leaning on you and licking you are “dominance” behaviors?
  • Yawning is an example of a “calming” behavior?

How do you know if these statements accurately explain dog behavior or not?

  • When clients ask you if their dogs’ “rough play” is a problem, how will you know what to tell them?  What criteria differentiate play from precursors to a fighting problem?
  • What’s the fallacy behind wanting to “show” a dog there is nothing to be afraid of when he shies away from a harmless stimulus?

Now, we – Dr. Suzanne Hetts and Dr. Dan Estep – answer these four and six other common questions about dog behavior in our new

Audio CD “Dog Behavior Decoded”

Even if you think you know the answers to some of these questions, what you’ll discover in this CD will allow you to talk more authoritatively and in depth with your clients about these dog behavior issues. 

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We’ve even given you the chance to sample the track that answers the question

 “When your dog stares at your or someone else, is he being attentive, or alternatively ignoring them when he looks away?”



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