Facts About Punishment:
Why Using it Safely and Effectively is So Difficult

This course starts here and consists of the 14 modules below.

You may think that because this course about punishment is fairly comprehensive, it means we are ADVOCATING punishment as a "go to" behavior modification tool.  That's not true.  Certain types of punishment, and certain types of punisherERS on a limited basis, can be used effectively, without harm, as part of a broader behavior modification plan that includes lots of positive reinforcement and meeting the pet's behavioral needs.

BUT more often the incorrect and over use of punishment and of many types of punisherERs does cause harm.

Learning about punishment is necessary in order to see WHY its limited use needs to be planned carefully, not be a spur of the moment decision and considered in the broader perspective of the effect it is having on your pet overall.

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Thank you for taking the time to learn about this important subject.  Using this information will help you have a better relationship with your pet.  By following the guidelines you'll avoid making choices that could harm your pet, either mentally or physically.