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Go to the Calendar of Events Page to see what’s coming up in BEN, including our monthly Pro Member Only Webinars and other events we have planned. 

Case Discussion Consult

Suzanne and Dan are available to help members with your behavior cases.  These are more in-depth sessions than the mentoring sessions described below.  Not only will you receive our input on the case, but preparing the case for discussion will give you practice in thinking logically about the case and using your scientific knowledge to create hypotheses and associated behavior modification options.  These sessions will be recorded and shared in BEN as a resource for all members. You may want to review our webinar on How to Present a Behavior Case prior to scheduling an appointment.   Email us at to schedule your case consultation.

Individual Behavior Mentoring

You can also schedule a private, 30 minute Behavior Mentoring appointment with Suzanne.  Come prepared to discuss a difficult case, a question about implementing a technique, ask for suggestions for communicating with a difficult client, a business related question, or just time to vent or have a supportive conversation.  These mentoring sessions will not be recorded or shared with BEN members unless we have your permission.  These appointments are available only for Pro Members.  To schedule a behavior mentoring session just email us at

What’s New This Month in BEN

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Chat computer key.

CAAB Chats

Join Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists as they chat about important, cutting edge, controversial, “hot button” topics about animal behavior and pet behavior and training. The best way to keep up with and understand scientific research AND consider more than one point of view.  A Ben Pro Member benefit (including both the live event and the replays) that others will pay for on a per chat basis.  More info on the CAABChats page.  There’s also a website you can refer non-members to.   UPDATE: In 2019, we turned CAABChats over to Drs. Jessica Lockhart and Mindy Waite who are now doing podcasts instead of webinars.  You can find them at

gold_nest_egg_ribbon_400_clr_2725Gold Coaching Page

Only members of our Gold Coaching Program can access this page.

 Purchase Dr. Hetts’ book

Single copies are available directly from Amazon in either Kindle or Paperback version.  Purchase quantities (10 or more) from us at exclusive BEN member discounts of either 25% (10 – 49) or 45% (50 – 499 copies)Click HERE to go to purchase page.

Scientific Articles and Book Chapters

See what articles we’ve reviewed for you. We give you links to the abstracts or the full article if it is available on the web without a subscription to the journal in which it was published. 

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Member Business DirectoryMember Business Directory

Now you can list your business in the BEN Business Directory.  The Directory is searchable by any visitor to the site.  Just one more place to have your business listed on the web.   Click HERE for the listing form and instructions.

Replays of Member Only Webinars

For Pro Member Webinar replays, go to the Pro Webinar Page   We have SO many webinar courses now in BEN,  we could no longer list them on one page.  For a full search we recommend using the Search box in the right side bar, and choose Pro Member Webinars. 

  Join BEN’s Private Facebook Group

Click HERE to request to join the group (you must be logged into FB).  We’ll check your name against our membership list and add you ASAP, usually same or next day so you can participate in our lively discussion threads. All Things Dog!   Dogwise® Discounts

Behavior Education Network Members (all levels) receive a 10% discount on purchases from Dogwise®.  Go to the Dogwise page for instructions on how to be put into the BEN Member Customer Category at Dogwise®.

magnifier  How To Find What You’re Looking for in Our Articles and Posts

We have literally hundreds of articles on BEN and we are constantly adding more.  Most articles fit into multiple categories. So for example you might find an article on separation anxiety in that category as well as in anthropomorphism  (because the article discusses “guilty looks”).  To see the list of categories, just hold your mouse over the Category Box in the right side bar and click.  Within the category archives, the articles are in chronological order with the most recent one appearing first.

For most articles you’ll see the initial paragraph followed by a clickable link that says “Read the Rest of this Entry”.  If you click on that link and are not allowed access it means the information is not accessible to your membership level.  Upgrade your membership so you can have full access to BEN.

Conference Presentations

To most easily find the recordings of our conference presentations go directly to the Conference Presentations category rather than looking under a subject category.   The Category box is in the right side bar.  Just click on the word Category and a drop down menu will appear.

  Download-able Client Handouts

As a BEN Pro member you have access to over 35 professionally designed client handouts in two different formats, as 8 ½ by 11 inch pages or as 5 1/2  by 8 ½ inch booklets.  You can easily customize these handouts with your own business name and contact information to personalize the handouts and to remind your clients that you care about their pets. More handouts will be available in the coming months so watch for email announcements of their availability.

You’ll find handouts on understanding cat and dog body postures, all the major behavior problems including aggression, destructiveness, house soiling and barking, handouts on socialization, behavior modification techniques, teaching sit and stay and many, many others.

The handouts are in different batches of 6 to 10.  You can get to the batches labeled “Client Handouts I”, “Client Handouts II”, “Client Handouts III”, “Client Handouts IV” and so on, by clicking the names below, or by clicking the Dashboard tab from any page and then clicking on the batch you want from the pull-down menu below that tab.

You’ll also find a link to a how-to video that shows you how to customize your handouts below and also on each batch page.  If you don’t see the links below, this means you are NOT a Pro Member.

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Click here to view How to Customize Your Handouts video

Just For Starter Members

You have access to FOUR client handouts to download.  Three of them are formatted as simple word documents in PDF format so that you can print them out on an 8 ½ by 11 inch pages.  The fourth is a sample of the professionally designed handouts available to Pro Members.  This one you can print out in either a page or a booklet format.

Starter Members Click Here to download your client handouts.

   Put BEN’s logo on your website and let others know you are a member

In response to several requests, we’ve created a BEN member logo that you can put on your website.   Choose from one of the two versions below and use the associated code to add to your website with a link to

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Take the Virtual Tour

If you didn’t take the virtual tour of BEN before you joined you can do so now.  This will give you an overview of the tremendous amount of content on the site.  Click This Link to take the tour.

Upgrade Your Membership

If you’ve tried repeatedly to access content your Starter membership doesn’t allow you to see, then maybe it’s time for an upgrade.  For only $10 more /month, you can join our Members Only classes, watch recorded conference presentations, and get product  and tele-webinar course discounts.  That’s a no brainer!  Your upgrade will quickly pay for itself.  Take advantage of all BEN has to offer and become a PRO member today.  Click HERE to upgrade.

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