Introducing: Behavior Education Network's
Advanced GOLD Behavior Coaching Program

magnified_people_group_16674We Have Six Exclusive Spots...

...For Qualified Behavior and Training Pros who are ready to join our Advanced GOLD Behavior Coaching Program and become more proficient, more effective, and enjoy more success than ever before in 2016!

  • What are your business goals for 2016? Do you feel you’ve stalled out in the last few years? Are you looking for new types of learning experiences that are more one on one and interactive?
  • Are the pet behavior problems you’re seeing more complicated? Are you starting to second guess yourself? Do you have new ideas you’re reluctant to try? Do you wish you could talk to someone else who's more experienced so you can improve your effectiveness, efficiency and success?
  • Would you like to expand your referral network, be taken more seriously, enhance your credibility and be recognized as a trusted authority? Could you benefit from having expert eyes look at your website, client handouts, and case reports?
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FIRST:  Review the WHAT's INCLUDED and WHAT TO DO TODAY checklists below.
SECOND: Download and complete the application and submit your deposit.
THIRD: Wait for us to contact you after we've reviewed your application

Please check back for future dates.  Coaching program that begins February 2016 is closed!

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to Download
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$50 Deposit

Here's Exactly What's Included in Our


Total Monthly Value: $700+
  • Monthly 2 Hour Online Coaching

    Each meeting will include presentations of members’ behavior cases for discussion and feedback from us and the group.  You’ll also have the opportunity to have your client handouts, case reports, website, or other requested materials reviewed.  Remaining discussion content will be dictated by the needs of the group.  The meeting will be recorded for members’ reference. A $500+ value/month (our private consulting fees start at $250/hour)

  • Paid Membership in Behavior Education Network

     If you are a current BEN member, we’ll suspend your membership billing during the 6 months of the coaching program. If you’ll be new to BEN during the coaching program, you can continue your membership at the same rate at the end of the 6 months. A $25 value /month (monthly BEN memberships will be $30 later in 2016 for new members)

  • Unlimited Group Discussions

    You’ll have invaluable group discussions via Facebook and/or email (depending on group preferences) to develop that support network and learn from one another and us. The more you participate the more valuable the discussion becomes.  A value of at least $100/month

  • Monthly 15 Minute Private Coaching Call

    You’ll have the chance to talk directly with us to address issues of your choice. When you are prepared, an amazing amount of ground can be covered in 15 minutes!
    A $75 value/month

  • Private Email Access to Us

    If you have a BURNING question during the coaching program you need a reply to right away, you’ll get it!  Reasonable limits apply! That sort of access is invaluable, but we’ll say $100/month

Your Monthly Investment: $300

Here's What You Need To Do TODAY!

  • Complete the Application Questionnaire


    to download and complete the Application Questionnaire.  There are instructions where to email the completed form.

  • Pay Your $50 Deposit


    to pay your fully refundable$50 deposit.  If you are not selected for the coaching program, OR if we do not have six qualified applicants we will return your deposit in full.

  • Bring a "Positive" Approach

    A spirit of cooperation and willingness to support and learn from one another is imperative.  Candidates will be selected such that no one is competing in the same geographic market.


This is a SIX MONTH coaching program.  Be sure you are prepared for a six month commitment.  Group members have responsibility not only for themselves but to contribute to other members of the program as well.

The Gold Behavior Coaching Program is for EXPERIENCED trainers, behavior consultants and others working with pet behavior problems.  A certification credential is preferred.


Applications Will NOT Be Reviewed until the Deposit is Received

The Coaching Program that started February 2016 is underway.
Please check back for future coaching dates.

Click HERE
to Download
Click HERE
to Submit the
$50 Deposit