Your dog is part of your family and you want to meet her needs, plus encourage good behavior so she is easy to have around and can be fully integrated into your family.  No dog is perfect 365 days of the year, any more than your children are always perfectly behaved !

So here’s your chance to have scientific information that we’ve used for years to help thousands of people with their dogs’ behavior and training problems. Our Behavior  and Training Tips address the most common behavior questions dog owners have. From jumping up on visitors to how to play with your dog, to “he only does it when he wants to”, – these are only a few examples we’ll talk about in our Behavior and Training Tips.

And we’ll explode the never ending myths about dog behavior and training you’ve heard or read in various places – such as why allowing your dog on the bed with you does NOT create “dominance” problems, that a crate is NOT the same thing as a den, how to have a well behaved dog when you open the door to visitors.

To make it easy to for you to get this information, our Behavior and Training Tips are each a 3 – 5 minute audio recording that you can listen to while checking your email or doing other work on your computer. No more saying “I don’t have time to read this email now, I’ll save it for later”. Just click on the audio player  on the page and you can listen while you multi-task. What could be easier!! And your dog will thank you!

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