Member Name: Sharon Madere
Business Name: EquiLightenment
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Services Provided: Horse Behavior Modification, Horse Training, Horse Handling Instruction, Clicker Training, Classical Riding Instruction, Dog Training & Behavior Modification (limited specialty re: unwanted chasing of livestock)
BEN Member Since (year): 2012
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Training Horses and Teaching Their Humans using the Positive Principles of Modern Behavioral Science and the Timeless Teachings of Historic Classical Horsemanship

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“Clicker Training” has become very popular in the dog world, with pooches and owners alike enjoying fast and fun results. But dogs aren’t the only animals to benefit from this method. In fact, marine mammal trainers and progressive zookeepers have been using “secondary reinforcement” or “sound marker” training for many years, and with amazing achievements. Through positive reinforcement, without force and without fear, they train:
• A rhinoceros to freely hold her foot up for a toe trim
• A walrus to calmly allow the insertion of an 8” spinal needle for a blood draw
• A crocodile to happily shift from his swimming pond into a dark transport box

Horse owners are also discovering the power of this scientific process, finding that it can work far better than common aversive methods or traditional forceful restraints. With simple positive techniques, you can teach your horse to:
• Stand quietly with “four on the floor” (don’t move a single foot!) while you:
tend a leg wound, bathe, clip, mount & dismount, trim branches on the trail, etc.
• Calmly lower his head and keep it there for you to:
apply eye ointment or ear medication, bridle, braid, etc.
• Overcome fears and cooperate with you for:
vaccines (including nasal), sheath cleaning, farrier work, trailer loading, etc.

Learn how to improve ground manners, reduce stress and increase safety with scientifically proven methods that you’ll both enjoy. By taking a little time to teach your horse simple cooperative behaviors through positive reinforcement, you’ll be making an important investment in his long-term health and well-being. And perhaps best of all, you’ll be strengthening the relationship between you and your horse along the way!

Business Phone Number: 804-677-7046
Business Contact Email: EquiLightenment@gmail.com

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Listing Title: EquiLightenment

About The Author

Sharon Madere

1989 - 2010: Founder & CEO, Premier Pet Products (makers of the Gentle Leader headcollar). 2012 - present: Proprietor, EquiLightenment LLC. "Positive Principles of Modern Behavioral Science, Timeless Teachings of Historic Classical Horsemanship." Specializing in equine behavior modification & problem solving, teaching cooperative behaviors for veterinary & farrier care, and instructing riders in the art and science of Classical riding in the tradition of la Gueriniere, et. al. Behavior modification for dogs to stop chasing of livestock (by referral only).