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What’s Been Happening in Behavior Education Network:

BEN now has its own Facebook group.  We’ve discussed conditioned emotional responses and can they be put “on cue”,  a dog “guarding” the child in the family (or not), what to do when differences between you and local shelters crop up, and more issues presented as behavior problems that may not be, and MUCH more!

February:  This month our Pro Member Webinar continues the  “How To Take a Behavioral History That Improves Your Consulting Success Part 2″.     It’s also one of the Core Courses in our new Applied Animal Behavior Academy launching in April.

The CAAB Chat this month is “Is It All About The Genes?” with fellow CAABs Dr. Steve Zawistowski and Dr. Alice Moon-Fanelli taking place Thursday February 19th at 4pm Mountain time.  CAAB Chats are also open to non-members. Visit for more information

This month’s Biscuit topic is “Behavior Histories as Marketing Tools” and will tell you how you can use behavior histories for other purposes.

January:  This month’s Pro Member Webinar’s topic is the first session in “How To Take Behavioral Histories and Increase Your Consulting Success – Part I”.  Our Biscuit topic for the month is How to Avoid Dooming Your New Year’s Resolutions to Failure.  Our CAAB Chat is “The State of the Field: A CAAB Perspective”.  

December:  This month’s CAAB Chat is “Rants and Raves:  What Annoys Us, What Excites Us”.  The Pro Member Webinar is “Hot Topics about Cats:  Domestication Status and Declawing”.   Our Biscuit topic is “Does Punishment Create Welfare Problems for Pets”.  We review scientific articles about preventable factors in dog bite fatalities.

November:  This month’s CAAB Chat is” Appearances Can Be Deceiving: Are You Forgetting Behavior Changes Are the Most Common Symptom of Disease and Illness?”  with guest Chatters Dr. Sue McDonnell and Dr. Alice Moon-Fanelli.  Biscuit topic is Using Checklists to Educate Clients and our Pro Webinar topic is “Olfactory Abilities in Dogs and Cats”.

October:  This month’s CAAB Chat is “Environmental Enrichment:  What’s Enriching, What’s Not and How Can We Tell”, with guest Chatters Dr. Kat Miller and Ms. Melissa Nelson-Slater.  The Pro Webinar is “The Best Laid Plans” – what to do when behavior and training cases don’t as planned. We are privileged to welcome Dr. Susan Cohen, the former Director of Counseling Services at the Animal Medical Center in NYC and now of for the 2nd session of this series, discussing how to talk to clients and how to deal with your own “stuff”.   The Biscuit series is “How to Respectfully and Professionally Counter Bad Advice Pet Owners Receive from Other Sources.



 And that’s just a small sampling of what happens in the Behavior Education Network!

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