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What’s Been Happening in Behavior Education Network:

BEN now has its own Facebook group.  We’ve discussed conditioned emotional responses and can they be put "on cue",  a dog "guarding" the child in the family (or not), what to do when differences between you and local shelters crop up, and more issues presented as behavior problems that may not be, and MUCH more!

April: Our Pro Members Webinar for the month is "Do Dog Parks and Doggie Day Cares Help or Hurt the Welfare of Dogs?”  Our Biscuit topic is "Helping Clients Form New Habits" and our CAABChat topic is "Cat Social Behavior" with Drs. Victoria Voith and Jessica Lockhart two behaviorists with years of experience working with cats.

March:  Our Biscuit topic is "Four Requirements of a Behaviorally Healthy Lifestyle for Dogs".  One member comment:

"This month’s Biscuit is outstanding and since I work with a local rescue group, this has given me good ideas of how to help this foundation reduce stress in their dogs..As always, this information is timely and invaluable~THANK YOU!!!"

Our Pro member webinar is on "Advancing Your Career: What’s the Best Choice for YOU?"

The CAABChat topic (all Pro BEN members have access to the replays at no additional charge) is "Social Roles and Relationships in Dogs" with Dr. Camille Ward and Dr. Karen London, both fellow CAABs.

February:  Our Biscuit topic is "Socially Sensitive Communication Skills" and our Pro Monthly webinar is "Escape from New York – Dog Escape and Roaming Problems" and the CAABChat topic is "Understanding and Implementing Response Prevention Techniques"

In January, we introduced another Member Benefit – Access to CAABChats – benefit from hearing different points of view on ‘hot button’ topics and learn the value of discovering ‘shades of gray’  in the pet behavior and training field as you listen to Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists (CAABs) chat about current topics of interest.  LIVE chats are FREE to all, BEN members also have complimentary access to the replays, non-members can purchase for a to-be-determined fee.   The first CAABChat was with guest ‘CAABChatters"  Dr. Patricia McConnell and Dr. Michele Wan.  Not a BEN Member?  Get access to CAABChats at

Join our friend and colleague Ms. Sharon Madere, founder and former owner of Premier Pet Produts when she reveals the foundations of building a successful business.  Sharon grew her own business from operating in her garage into a multi-million dollar company, so do you think she might have information that would help you improve your business??  YOU BET SHE DOES!  Join us on January 16th.

Our Biscuit topic for the month is "Dominance Education for Dog Owners".  Our members – and non members for that matter – are always asking us for better ways to talk to dog owners about how the social dominance topic has been so mangled when it’s been applied to dogs and WHY not understanding what dominance is about can be dangerous to both people and dogs.  In this month we’ll provide FOUR topics to discuss with dog owners. 


 And that’s just a small sampling of what happens in the Behavior Education Network! 

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