A Better Companion Pet Training (ABC Pet Training)
Stasi Malloy
Manners, Behavorial Modification, Agility, Freestyle Dance, Treibball, Flyball, Tracking

Training facility offering positive reinforcement methods to provide you with A Better Companion.

ABC offers a variety of training options, from traditional manners to reactive issues, and everything in between. We focus on providing you with the tools needed to have a happy, healthy pet.

http://www.ABCPetTraining.com,ABC Pet Training
(816) 868-9845
Dr. Suzanne Hetts
Online Education for Pros and Pet Owners, Individual consulting for pet behavior problems

Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists helping pet owners and pet pros for 30 years

Diana Guerrero - ARKlady
Animal Behavior Consulting & Training

ARKanimals provides animal behavior, training, and business consulting services to facilities and groups as well as educational resources for pet owners or hobbyists.

Established in 1988, ARKanimals specializes in animal behavior & training for both wild & domestic animals and provides professional consulting to animal facilities, professionals and groups internationally. Phone consultations and online educational aids are provided to help non-professionals and hobbyists.

(909) 547-4275
Suzanne Hetts
Animal behavior education for pet professionals

The Behavior Education Network (BEN) is the PREMIER source of online pet behavior education and information.

The Behavior Education Network (BEN) provides science based education and information about dog and cat behavior, behavior evaluations, and behavior training and management, to pet professionals who want to stay at the leading edge of their field and provide outstanding behavior care and services.

Big Sky Dog Training
Montana C. Hayes
Dog Training

Over 20 years as an obedience and foundation dog trainer utilizing leadership skills & specializing in animal behavior, puppy development stages, and genetics.

Big Sky Dog Training, based out of Skokie, IL provides you with a professional reward based dog trainer with over 20 years of experience. Big Sky serves the Chicagoland area, including the Northwest Suburbs and the North Shore. Big Sky works with all dog breeds and temperaments, and focuses on positive reward and play-based training. Our purpose is to create an environment where you and your puppy or dog are learning together. No matter if you are just starting training with no particular problems, or you need help with behavior problems we teach you and your dog or puppy in a positive and fun manner. Big Sky Dog Training goes beyond the mechanics of obedience commands. We strive to provide a safe, effective, high-quality reward-based training program where your dog or puppy is exposed to everyday life and learns how to become a good canine citizen. Big Sky Dog Training’s program helps owners develop the optimum relationship with their dog. This relationship allows the dog to see the owner as a safe, strong, dependable, fair and consistent leader your dog wants to obey. Big Sky Dog Training also offers multiple dog training certifications. We would love for you to trust us in training your dog or puppy. To help you save even more, please print out dog training coupons and call us today at 847-997-4707.

Camp Ruff Ruff
Vinny Olito CPDT-KA - CCDT
Training - Behavior Consultant

We specialize in Animal Husbandry, Ethology, Learning Theory, Canine Behavior & Social Communication through our intensive studies

We gain your dogs trust learn there individual temperament, personality therefore grow a special bond/trust with them. Your dogs will get plenty of physical and mental exercise as we are dog trainers and behavior consultants that understand the importance of how dogs think and learn.

347 844 2652
Christy Paxton’s Hand in Paw: Rewards-based Training for You and Your Dog
Christy Paxton
Basic training, behavior modification, clicker, group/private lessons, in home lessons, all problems, all breeds

CP-HIP teaches dogs and people how to communicate, cooperate and respect one another using fun, kindness and out-of-the-box thinking.

Since 2004, CP-HIP has helped dogs and POGs (parent/owner/guardians) to understand each other so they can learn to work together. Using her depth of personal and professional experience, Christy Paxton brings her unique blend of fun, kindness and out-of-the-box thinking to get POGs started on the right path with their new dogs and/or help them make the course corrections necessary to fix problems and create a harmonious home! All dogs deserve our best efforts, and CP-HIP is dedicated to providing that every day to every dog.

City Dog Country Dog
Caroline Spark
In-home training and behavior consulting; Board and Train, Play and Train groups, Puppy Socials, service and therapy dog training, Call of the Wild Dog Camps, Vacation Training retreats, Nose Work, community education

City Dog Country Dog specializes in providing dog training, behavior and quality-of-life solutions, dog training retreats and service dog training in Portland Oregon and on the Central Oregon Coast.

Our services are customized for you, your dog, and your lifestyle. In-home private consultations help you find workable solutions to behavior problems, and coach you in effective training techniques that fit easily into your daily routine. Day Training and Board & Train programs provide training for your dog while you are at work, on vacation, or just needing a break from your dog. We also offer specialized coaching for therapy and service dog teams. For those who love sharing outdoor adventures with their dogs, we offer a range of innovative activities that deepen bonds of affection and trust, and enhance learning through play. These include: Play & Train Classes; Urban Agility Workouts; Geocaching Adventures; Vacation Training Retreats; Relax and Recharge Retreats and our annual signature event, the Call of the Wild Dog Camp. All of our services are designed with the well-being of dogs and people in mind. We hope you enjoy exploring what we offer. We look forward to hearing from you if you would like to find out more or sign up for any of our services.

503 740 4886
Carol Peter, CPDT-KA
Rewards-based training and behavior modification

Dog Training for Family Dogs

We use positive methods to achieve positive behavioral results for you and your dog. Don’t just dream about having a well-behaved, polite dog . . . let us help you train your dog to be the great companion you want. Overcome behavior problems and teach your dog good manners while you build a healthy, loving lifetime relationship together. We offer group classes and private, one-on-one training services.

Companions Animal Hospital
Nancy L. Altena, DVM
Medical services, behavior consults, daycare, boarding, puppy classes

Veterinary Hospital

Companions Animal Hospital is an AAHA Accredited veterinary hospital treating dogs, cats, birds and exotics. Dr. Altena has done extra training in behavioral medicine to offer up-to-date, safe and humane solutions to all type of behavior problems



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