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What’s Been Happening in Behavior Education Network:

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MAY 2018

Our CAABChat for this month with guest chatter Dr. Lisa Gunter is “Identifying Behavioral Indicators of Welfare Using A Converging Evidence Model of Health, Physiological, & Cognitive Data”. Click on the title for full description and register for the live chat.

This month’s webinar is “How To Tell Owners What They Don’t Want To Hear: Facilitating Client Communication In Aggression Cases”  Click on the title for a description and to register.

The Biscuit series for this month is “Five “Must-Have” Skills If You Work With Aggression Problems”

April 2018

The webinar for this month is Everything You Need To Teach Preparing Your Dog For Baby Classes.   The Biscuit topic for the month was Dog Bite Prevention: Whose Responsibility Is It?.   For the CAABChat this month we welcomed Dr. Erica Feuerbacher to talk about her research on Evaluating the Effectiveness of Reinforcement Delivery  

March 2018

This month’s webinar Part II of “Estranged From Science?  Concepts and Terms That Have Taken On Lives of Their Own.”  The Science Review Article for the month is  Dog Training Science: A Review of 10 Articles.  The CAAB Chat was How To Get Your Hands on a Hands Off Cat, with guests Adi Hovav and Dr. Jessica Lockhart, CAAB.  Our Biscuit series was Four Behavior Characteristics of Cats You Need To Know About. 

February 2018

The webinar for this month was “Estranged From Science?  Concepts and Terms That Have Taken On Lives of Their Own”, Part I.   The Biscuit topic for the month was Four Proven Strategies for Successful Conversations And Getting People On Board with Behavior Change.   The CAABChat this month was a special one about mentoring where the replay is available for FREE to everyone. “Recognizing the People Who Helped Get Us Where We Are”  The Science Review Article for the month asks the question “Do Dogs Prefer Food over Petting as Reinforcers?”

January 2018

The CAABChat for the month is “Dogs, Fruit Flies, Behavior Genetics and The Nobel Prize” with guests Dr. Steve Zawistowski and Dr. Jessika Hekman.  The Biscuit Topic for the month is “Don’t Let the Job Get To You: Strategies For Staying Behaviorally Healthy”.  The webinar topic for the month is Resolving On-Leash Problems: Two Case Histories” .  Our Science Article Review for the month is actually reviews of 4 science articles dealing with coprophasia in dogs, AND an overall analysis of these articles and the state of knowledge about this behavior.

December 2017

The CAABChat for the month is Rants and Raves of 2017 with guests Dr. Patricia McConnell, Dr. Kristina Spaulding and Ms. Nancy Williams.  The Biscuit Topic for the month is Four Things To Know About Fear Free Pets.  The webinar topic for the month is Leash Encounters of What Kind?: Reactivity, Aggression, or Something Else? – Part II 

November 2017

The CAABChat for the month is Walking the Terminology Tightrope with guests Dr. Ellen Lindell and Dr. Megan Maxwell.  The Biscuit Topic for the month is Four Under Utilized Sources of Income.  The webinar topic for the month is Leash Encounters of What Kind?: Reactivity, Aggression, or Something Else?  

October 2017


Our webinar for the month was “Creating and Managing Safe Relations Between Dogs and Children” Find out the latest thinking about this important topic. The reviewed science article this month asks the question “Can Body Posture Predict a Dog’s Learned Performance?”  The BEN Biscuit series this month is a bit different – we did Audio Biscuits!  The topic is Four Sacred Cows in Dog Training and Why They Shouldn’t Be.  The CAABChat was “Intriguing Papers from the Canine Science Conference 2017“.

September 2017


The Pro Members webinar for the month is Part II of “The Scientific Guide to Reducing Fear in Pets’ Lives and Enhancing Their Quality of Life”  The Biscuit Series is “Four Ways Trainers Can Help Pets Be Happy.”  This month’s reviewed science article addresses the question “How Do Dogs Respond to the Visual, Auditory, and Olfactory Cues of Cats?”

August 2017


This month’s Biscuit series is “Musings from Two Animal Behaviorists”. Although the Biscuits don’t really seem to have a common theme, what ties them together is the practical nature of each of the subjects.  The BEN Pro Member webinar is “The Scientific Guide to Reducing Fear in Pets’ Lives and Enhancing Their Quality of Life”  The Science Article for Review and Analysis asks the question “Can Pressure Vests Reduce Fear in Noise Phobic Dogs?” It goes along with this month’s Pro Member webinar.

July 2017

This month’s BEN Webinar is Part II of Calming Signals and Communication in Dogs.”  CAABChat is month is “Professional Standards for Dog Trainers: The 2001 Project and What It Means Today”. We have FOUR outstanding guests who were Section Chairs for that project. AND you’ll get access to the document which is now out of print. Click on the title to watch the replays and download the document.  This month’s Biscuit topic is  An Agenda For Consulting Appointments:  Be Realistic, Efficient, and Avoid Overwhelm”   The Science Article for review examines the question – Do Dogs Show Subtle Signs of Fear in Mildly Fearful Situations? The answer isn’t as obvious as you might think.

June 2017

Our CAABChat for June is Exploring Citizen Science with Ms. Julie Hecht and Drs. Caren Cooper and Jessica Hekman. Learn how non-scientists are contributing to our understanding of animal behavior and other sciences. The BEN Webinar for the month is “Calming Signals and Communication in Dogs.” We explore this popular concept and it’s implications for a better understanding of dog behavior. The Biscuit series for the month is “De-Arousing Dogs” where we examine the role of arousal in pet behavior problems and ways to address it. The science article we review asks the question – Do dogs reveal their emotional state by wagging their tails to one side or the other? Click here to read the description and download the review and analysis.

May 2017

The Biscuit series for the month is “Cues Owners Need But Seldom Teach”, with contributions from several BEN members. It’s the counterpart to last month’s series on unnecessary or confusing cues. The CAABChat welcomes Drs. Emma Grigg and Tammy Donaldson for “The Science Behind a Happy Dog: Canine Training, Thinking and Behavior”. The BEN Webinar is “Using Your Behavior Knowledge and Social Media to Promote Your Business”. The science article for review looks at the direction of tail wagging by dogs and whether or not the dogs watching the tail wagging are influenced by it.

April 2017

Drs. Alexandra Protopopova, Nathan Hall and Jessica Hekman join us for a CAAB Chat about their current project correlating behavior, physiologic measurements of stress, and respiratory disease in shelter dogs. The BEN Members Webinar for the month is a continuation of last month’s Who’s Paying Attention? What Attention Is and Why It’s Important. The Science Article Review for the month is Do Serotonin Levels Indicate Sociability in Shelter Dogs? The Biscuit Series for the month is Four Confusing or Unnecessary Cues And What To Teach Instead.





 And that’s just a small sampling of what happens in the Behavior Education Network!